A splatter mani with Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer!

Milani has completely revamped their polish and eyeshadow lines - and I've had the opportunity to test out the nail polish! There are so many of them that I decided to break them up into trios and show off some nail art! With today's trio, I tried the messiest form of nail art that I know of.... the splatter mani! To achieve this look, you pretty much just dip a straw into a puddle of polish and blow (through the other end of it!) onto your nail in short bursts. I haven't quite mastered the technique, but it looks pretty neat anyway :)

Let's start on the individual colors, shall we? This is Ink Spot, the deepest, darkest blue you could ever come across. I thought it was black when I first picked it up! But it's gorgeous - and very nearly a one-coater. I used two coats for these photos, but if my first coat had been thick enough it might've been good all on it's own :)

Oooh Modern Rouge! This red is divine! It tows the line between jelly and creme, and it's just stunningly squishy! It reminds me of melted candy... like a Jolly Rancher? It's that glassy and shiny!

Hmm Spotlight White is a okay polish, but it's a little on the thicker side. And I like my polishes on the thicker side, but this went beyond. You can kinda see how it looks lumpy on my ring finger. It was a tad hard to maneuver. Perhaps some thinner will help - I won't give up on it! :)

Soooooooooooo, what do you think?  These are part of the core line of Milani makeup, so you can get them anytime (or from the website) - but if you see some you like, maybe you should pick them up? :) I have finally managed to see them in EVERY CVS store I've walked into.... so they should be near you now!

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