Plastic bag marble nail art with Milani polishes!

Milani has completely revamped their polish and eyeshadow lines - and I've had the opportunity to test out the nail polish! There are so many of them that I decided to break them up into trios and show off some nail art! With today's trio, I decided to try a plastic bag marble. Have you tried one of these? I think mine came out rather well for a first try!

So how did I do this? I took three Milani polishes, Peri-Wink (blue), Pink Beige (pink) and Silhouette (green), and I dropped them bit by bit, just using the brush, down on a plastic bag (like a Ziplock). I swirled them together using a very fine dotting tool, trying to make designs. I let that sit for a few hours, waiting until it was mostly dry. Once it was dry to the touch, but still a bit tacky, I cut "nail-shaped" pieces out of the plastic haha That's the best way to describe it. I cut them so that the curve of my cuticle would be covered by the decal. I then put on a clear base coat, used tweezers to take the polish off the plastic bag and stuck it to my nail. It was kinda tough to get the creases and air bubbles out, but it just took a little patience. I then used a very fine nail file to gently slough the excess off the tip of my nail.

Here's the colors I used, starting with Silhouette, a murky military-esque green with a hidden blueish silver shimmer. It's so pretty and shiny in two coats.

Pink Beige is a very subtle muted pink. I'm not a pink person, so I could take or leave this polish, but it's not as "in your face" or bright like other pinks. I can see it being used again around my house for nail art.

Peri-Wink is the cutest soft blue. It's not too bright, but it's bright enough to shine. I really like this color, and for the time I wore it, I had no staining. But as I've mentioned before, I double up on base coat for blues and greens.

Soooooooooooo, what do you think?  These are part of the core line of Milani makeup, so you can get them anytime (or from the website) - but if you see some you like, maybe you should pick them up? :) I have finally managed to see them in EVERY CVS store I've walked into.... so they should be near you now!

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