Rainbow Honey October Mystery Bag!

It's that time again! Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag time! What did I get? A load of great stuff :)

Two polishes, a full-size All Your Base base coat, a perfume rollerball, a flower soap and amazing lip balm! Below are the polishes, Cafe Con Leche, a sparkly, creamy light brown; and Zi, a gorgeous purple glitter.

THIS LIP BALM - l'orange ganache. I'm in love with it. It tastes and smells like cocoa. I've kept it in my pocket because I simply want to wear it all the dang time.

I realize now that I forgot to take a pic of the rollerball perfume. ha! I do have photos, below, of the flower soap. The scent of it is Sweet November, which is the same in the rollerball perfume. Also pictured is the top of the base coat box :)

Have you guys ordered the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can opt in to a subscription and automatically get a bag each month - $10 for the mini bag; $25 for the full-size bag - or you can order month-to-month. I have opted to just order month-to-month.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends.