Time out - getting some perspective. And sharing all the giveaways!

That haircut actually looks like mine bahaha not the color, tho. Anyway, no real post today. Just a step back today. I've been pouring over this blog, this template, and I've realized it's not working. There are too many things I still need to fix or things I can't figure out how to fix. Small, minor things, really. Not huge by any means. But it's the little things that drive me batty.

So I'll be looking for a new layout or template. I want to say I will just pay to have it done, but I don't make a lot of money with this blog, so paying out money to me just seems weird. Maybe if I did make decent money with it, I'd feel differently. It'll work out. I know it will. I've really been working lately on reducing my stress, and just not letting myself get stressed. Sometimes I crack. But those times are fewer and far between. (One was last night. My friend was on the receiving end of my ranting and raving. She thinks I'm a nutcase *wink*)

Lastly, my nails are all filed down to nubbins right now! They look so pitiful! I need to work on getting them rehabbed, to bring you some new polish collections! But don't forget...