Kiss Everlasting French Press-on Nails

So as most of you know I I had a trauma with my nails a few weeks ago, and I crashed one down below the quick. It hurt. A lot. I was horrified that I still had so many pretties to swatch, so I thought I'd give these Kiss Everlasting French Press-on nails a try... and see how they stood up to swatching :)

They look really good above. They were easy to apply, and I had no issues finding sizes that fit my cuticle area. They do look a little, well, how do I say this.... fanned out, maybe? At the "free edge" part of the nails, they fan out way too much to be completely realistic for me. BUT they aren't so bad that it was a huge deal. You could just... tell. One issue I did have is that my nails have a very distinct and high curve to them, so the press-ons never really laid flat down against my nails as they attached closer to the top.

Let's just say they wore better before I polished them hahah! As above, the polish just didn't adhere well to the surface. I think maybe it was too smooth? I put the nails on (via glue by the way), waited an hour or so, and then began polishing. I always use Zoya Remove+ for polish removal. And after the first removal...

It only got worse from there. Eventually, after about the fifth swatch, the nails started to melt. I imagine it had to do with the acetone in the remover. This is not my only test for these press-on nails, oh no. I also have a regular old run-of-the-mill wear test planned! One that doesn't involve swatching or polish or anything. That one might be a while. I do have some more pretties to swatch for you guys :)

What do you think? Do they look semi-real? What do you think of them with polish?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.