NYC Midnight Beauty Makeup Collection!

This post should have posted a few weeks ago, but apparently it never did! Ugh, I hate when that happens... I'm sure this NYC collection, Midnight Beauty, is still lingering around in various places,  but it is limited - so if you see it and want it, grab it! I have one of the eye shadow palettes, two of the lipsticks and a liquid eyeliner to show you.

This is the Vampiress palette (there is another palette in the collection), and the colors exude a smokey eye feel. They are decently pigmented, as you can see from my arm swatches. That's one swipe with my finger from palette to arm. I've had some not-so-pigmented palettes from NYC, but this isn't one of them.

The liquid eyeliner has a very precise brush! As you can see on my arm, I was able to draw not only the standard straight line, but a Z and a squiggle. I felt like I had nice control over the brush and my strokes, as well. I don't typically feel comfortable using liquid eyeliner for that very reason.

I've got two of the lippies to show you, and I believe there are three in this collection. While the colors are gorgeous, I had some trouble with them after they were applied. They went on creamy and spread easily, but they spread beyond my lips quickly. You will definitely need lipliner with these! I wore them without. I cannot attest to wear time, as I did not wear them anywhere significant, just around my house. You can see how messy I was with Immortal Vixen, she was a little feisty to get even coverage. It's such a dark color. I'm sorry!

Red or Alive

Immortal Vixen

So I got a wild hair and decided to do an ombre lip with these two colors. It's my first attempt at such a thing, so I think I need improvement. But it's not bad for my first try! I probably should have put Immortal Vixen on the outside and Red or Alive on the inside, but I did it this way :)

You can get these, in their own display wherever NYC is sold - I usually find mine at KMart and Rite Aid. These are in a special display, apart from the "core" display.

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