Plastic wrap mani nail art tutorial

I've got a tutorial today for my favorite kind of mani - the plastic wrap mani! I took these pictures a while back, and stumbled across them the other day. I can't imagine why I've never posted this before! This technique is so simple, and the end result is neat! :)

First, you start with your base color. I chose Julie G Cabana Boy, it's a lovely blue! It is certainly one of my go-to polishes! Before going on to step 2, you MUST make sure your base color is dry. Not only to the touch, but dry-dry. Sometimes when doing these types of manicures, I wait until the next day to make sure it's good and dry.

Is your base color dry? Good! Move to step 2... that's picking your second color. For this, I chose Beach Bonfire, a shimmery glowy orange.  Paint one coat of the second color on top of the dry base.

Immediately (or very shortly after applying the second color) dab with a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap. You can see mine is a very festive green :) haha You must do this step one nail at a time, or the polish will dry too quickly and not adhere to the plastic.

After each nail is done, you can move on to clean-up. I use a clean-up brush and cotton swabs when stuff is really out of hand. Sometimes, mashing the plastic wrap around your nails creates a bigger mess than you intend :) After clean-up is done, finish it off with the top coat of your choice. If applied when the top layer of polish is still the slightest bit tacky, the top coat will smear the polish - but that's a good thing! You want it to do that. It will create a marble-y feel.

Voila! Here's the end result. This combo kind of reminds of some Ming vase or some exotic decor haha!

Have you tried this technique? What do you think of it? Both of the polishes I used in this post were sent by the great folks at Jesse's Girl Cosmetics who make Julie G polishes. I have so many Julie G and Jesse's Girl products - they are a brand I highly recommend!

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