Pure Ice Holiday Glitters for 2014!

Glitter! It's in the air this holiday season with Pure Ice Nail Polish! They have released six brand new glittery offerings for the 2014 Holiday Season. All 6 can be worn on their own with minimal VNL, but I tried them over black, as well. It's a fine line - they are almost too packed with glitter to be worn over other colors! I guess this one is going to boil down to personal preference. My thoughts? Check what's behind the cut!

In all of the photos below, I have three coats of the polish on my pointer and ring finger, and one coat of the polish over black on my middle and pinky. Some colors have four photos, some have three, and one has two. This is based solely on how I could capture the polishes. Some were good in multiple lighting conditions and others were drowned out, as it were.

Let's start with the beautiful blue of Winter Blues. The base of this polish is a slight shimmery pearl color, but it's not opaque. The blue is so lovely, tho! Putting it over black sort of mutes the blue, so maybe this would be great over a darker blue. The formula is good for a glitter polish, but 3 coats is about all I could layer up, as it started to look thick on the nail.

This one has the cutest name! Santa Merry Me. I love this one so much. It's red glitters in a slightly pearly pink base. You can see on my ring finger, that the VNL is still there, but something about the pearl look kind of makes it blend in. I really like this one best on it's own. The red glitter looks good with the black base, but this one on it's own is good.

Feeling Ornamental is just a green version of Winter Blues - exactly. Same base, same formula, same look. I think the green looks great over black, but can be worn just as well on its own.

Now Gold Peppermint is a bit too frosty for my tastes. It's a rose goldish kind of polish, with a more opaque base that the previous colors. It's not opaque enough to not see VNL, but it is more intense, I guess is the word. The pearly base is tinted a soft pink, and the glitter is gold.

With the most pigmented base, Pure Icicles looks like a silvery snowfall. The base is pretty opaque after three coats, and when put over black, it makes it looks a deep grey. The white glitters just look like snow. I think all plain white glitters end up looking like snow :)

The final polish in this collection, Bling On The Holidays, leans a lot on its name. I had trouble photographing this one with a flash, as the light bounced off and freaked everything out hahah That is a good thing to say, yep :) The pearly base is less prevalent in this polish, and as you can see, three coats doesn't really make it the least bit opaque. This base was a little thicker than the others, so by three coats, the glitters tended to clump together.

So where do you find these? WalMart - I have heard people finding them now! I like these glitters, mostly because the formula is good. This is a snappy variety of bling for the holidays.

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