Zoya Peter Som Trio - my own personal wayback machine

We're in my wayback machine, kids. I uncovered some old swatch photos that I knew I had to share, even tho the colors aren't commercial available. I'm talking about the Zoya Peter Som trio from last year - I got it for Christmas last year! I apparently swatched them last year, too, back before my nails have had the trip of their lives down Break Everyday Avenue. Sometimes looking at old photos just makes me wonder how I ever had nails like that! haha I've worn these polishes several times since I originally swatched them, so I'm not entirely sure why these fell thru the cracks!

Meet Alexa - she's a gorgeous teal-leaning green that has the amazing Zoya formula. No issues with coverage and the polish flowed on my nails with ease. Such a beautiful color. To the best of my knowledge, Alexa is not a dupe for any other color, and was only available in this set.

Next we have Edie, a beautiful blue. The formula is just as beautiful, as per usual with Zoya. I didn't experience staining with this polish when I doubled up on base coat, but I did when I absentmindedly only used one coat. The staining wasn't bad at all. Just took a little sugar scrub to remove. Not aware of this being a dupe, either.

Now Stella.... well, Stella is basically Cole. The formula is a little on the thick side and takes a little bit of extra work to maneuver and level. But it's worth it - the color is divine. Still reminds me of a creamsicle :)

Did you get this set? Or do you have Cole on it's own? What do you think of this trio?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.