FingerPaints Treatments!

Hi all! For this afternoon, I've got some nail treatments from FingerPaints! I'm featuring all the base coats in this post. I am really loving these - and I've started using one on a regular basis. My nails are currently in a rebuilding stage, and I've using these to make them stronger!

Let's start with Hard as Steel Strenghtener! This has been my go-to base coat. See on my middle finger how the corner is all wonky? That nail is always giving me fits! On that edge, it always peels - in about 3 pieces, so it just shatters when I try to do anything with it. Right now, my nails are down to the quick, with no visible free edge, trying to get this to grow out!

On to Grab It! Base Coat! It does provide a sticky base for polish, and while it looks green, it's not really green on the nail, as you can see. The finish is slightly matte, and somewhat rubbery, and polish adheres to it quite nicely!

I don't have a lot of ridges in my nails, but Smooth Over Ridge Filler could come in handy if I ever do! The slightly milky formula comes to a matte-sque finish and gives a nice, even surface for polish!

Last, but not least, is the Gel-Like Base Coat! This one is thicker, and spreads a little more than the others. The consistency is thicker, ya know, with the more gel-like quality. It works well with the new Gel-Like Top Coat that I haven't posted about yet :)

What do you guys think? Do you think you'll pick any of these up? They are already out in some stores! I'm hoping these will work for a lot of people! FingerPaints polishes are available for Sally's Beauty Supply.

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