My NOTD on this significant day

Today is a very significant day in my history. Nine years ago today I almost died. Over the years, I've cycled through so many emotions when this day rolled around. The first 3 years after, I'm pretty sure I took the day off work and just didn't get out of bed. That kind of trauma sticks around for a while.

As time has moved on, and I'm dealing with it more, I still find myself a little nervous when 2:30 p.m. rolls around. You see, that's the time my son figured out how to turn a knob to open a door. That's the time I ran after him to try to prevent him from running out into the very busy highway on the other side of the door. That's the time I punched through the glass door. That's the time a piece of glass punctured my brachial artery, the one in my upper left arm, severing pretty much everything between my skin and the bone. I lost a lot of blood.

See why 2:30 p.m. kinda freaks me out?

But it has been 9 years. And distancing myself from the situation, coming to terms with what happened, and KNOWING how lucky I was to have all the right people around me when it happened? KNOWING that when I crashed through that window, my son turned and ran back to me, and even at 21 months old, knew something was wrong and stayed right in my arms (well, my arm singular, as I could only hold him up on my right hip and hug him with my right arm) until I got too weak and had to hand him off to someone else?

I know I'm very blessed.

So what did I do with my blessed self today? I sat on the couch and watched movies! I watched Beautiful Creatures (don't judge me, it's a sickness for me. I've watched it at least 20 times) and Dead Silence (Beware the stare of Mary Shaw...). And I painted my nails! Pictured above is what I did - all 3 are Color Club polishes: Muse-ical (dark grey), Koo-Koo-Cachoo (orange) and Beyond (black holo). No plans for this afternoon or this evening. I'm just going to see how it plays out. Because honestly, whatever happens is going to be a good thing. Because I'm alive to see it happen.