Rainbow Honey April Mystery Bag

I'm late posting about the April Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, but better late than never? Truth be told, I'm so enamored with this bag! The lip scrub and the lip balm are amazing!

Let's start with the scrub and balm - Melon Fizz is the flavor. It's amazing!! I believe these are part of an upcoming collection, so there will be more :) I'm a huge lip scrub and balm fan (especially those that go together), so this was a welcome addition to my collection.

Pomelo is the scent of the cuticle oil I received, and it's a light citrus scent that is very pleasant. It comes with a brush.

I decided to do a nail look with the three polishes - Delpine is a gorgeous light blueberry creme; Eidolon is a dusty purple shimmer; and Thistle Tresses is silver, purple and teal glitters packed nicely in a clear base. I love the color combo on the glitter!

Have you guys ordered the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can opt in to a subscription and automatically get a bag each month - $10 for the mini bag; $25 for the full-size bag - or you can order  month-to-month. I have opted to just order month-to-month.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends.