Wet n Wild California Roll 6-pan palette

I was SO EXCITED when I finally found this palette at Rite Aid! It's one of the limited edition Wet n Wild Silver Lake palettes. I knew, at once, that I had to have it - it's called California Roll! Sushi is one of my favorite things, so this palette just screamed at me! :)

Bright vibrant colors, right? Mattes and shimmers alike. They aren't quite as pigmented as I was hoping, but they do build up nicely! Below are swatches of the shades on the inside of my arm. The lighter shades almost blend in.

But then.... I tried to wear the shades. Below are before and after photos, spanning about 6 hours of wear. I put this shade on before going to a game night at a friend's house, and the after photo was when we returned home...

FADING. Lots of fading :( The red shadow turned purple by the time the night was over. So at least that shadow isn't good for long-term wear at all. I tried experimenting with and without primer, applying with brushes and applying with my finger. All yielded the same result. The other shades act similarly. Have you ever had high hopes for a palette like this and your expectations fell flat?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were given gifts from friends.