My top 5 indie nail polishes!

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom Top 5 indie nail polishes

I've teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you our 5 favorite indie nail polishes! Well, some had some issues narrowing it down to 5, and others narrowed it down even further, but it's all good! It's time to celebrate indies - so check out my 5 favorites!

I had a little bit of a time trying to decide on just 5, but I did it! These 5 aren't the only ones I love, but they are my favorites. I decided to choose 1 polish per maker, and that gave me a little fit, as there were 2 from one maker I wanted to feature! Finally, I closed my eyes and just grabbed :)

Indigo Bananas Maui Wowee: What a beautiful polish! It's got this lovely blue to purple shift that comes out when your nails aren't in direct sunlight.  In all honestly, I've not met an Indigo Bananas polish that I didn't like!
Indigo Bananas Maui Wowee

Ninja Polish Ambrosia: This is indeed the nectar of the Gods! It's a pinky orangey fireball of a polish, and the glow factor is kicked up to 10. As you can see in this swatch, it is a bit jelly-fied, and some VNL is visible. It's mostly because my nails were super white, like seriously stark white. Regardless, this polish is top notch!
Ninja Polish Ambrosia

Literary Lacquers I'm Drinking Stars: Dang this polish is my go-to holo topper. I only have a little bottle, tho, so I'd better get a full-size! It can be worn on it's own, but I like putting it over all different bases - my favorite being purples, which is pictured below, and here in this post.
Literary Lacquers I'm Drinking Stars over purple

Different Dimension Heavenly Waters: Is a perfect example of the dark blue holo I enjoy so much. I prefer deep, dark holos to any other type of holo - they just catch my eye! Missi's got some great polishes, you should really check them all out!
Different Dimension Heavenly Waters

Rainbow Honey Magic Cake: This is my favorite non-black and white glitter topper ever. I have to put that caveat on it because I like a lot of black and white glitter toppers haha! This one is so bright and fun, and I think it looks best over darker blues.
Rainbow Honey Magic Cake over blue

Do you have a favorite indie polish? Or even a few favorites? There are SO MANY indies out there now, and there is so much to choose from!

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