My Daily Beauty Routine - Skincare

As I've gotten older, I have realized that my skin will not take care of itself. I generally do not wear a lot of makeup, and I thought that meant that I really didn't need to do much with my skin. I've since learned that's not the case! So what's my daily beauty routine with skincare?

We'll start from the very beginning...

Perfectly Posh Delish and Absolute Makeup Wipes (both purchased by me)
When I do wear BB cream, I make sure I cleanse my skin with an actual cleanser. I move around a lot in that area, and I tend to use different ones all the time. For right now, I'm using Perfectly Posh Delish. It's very gentle. I had previously tried a different PP face wash, and while I love the way it made my skin feel, in the end, my skin didn't like it so much. I could not live without the Absolute Makeup Cleansing Wipes. I use them in the morning and at night. They are the best wipes. I find them at TJMaxx, and I always stock up when I'm in there.

I received this from StriVectin to try out, and it's become a staple in my beauty routine! I use it primarily on my forehead for now, and it's helped with my scowl lines haha! I put it on right after cleansing both morning and night.

NYX Balance Skin Elixir (purchased by me)
I found this at CVS one day, and I thought it looked interesting. I use it on my cheeks and pretty much my face below my eyes in the morning. I've read that tea tree oil is good for oily, acne prone skin, and I've got combo skin with this weird little dry patch next to my mouth. I think something must have been out of balance because a few days after I began using this elixir, it cleared up. And it stays cleared up as long as I use it. I get lazy (or injure my back) and my routine gets muddled - and the patch springs back up.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up (purchased by me)
I saw this in Target, and I became so intrigued by it that I had to buy it. It's the weirdest thing! It's thick and sticky, a lot like the key ingredient, honey. But once it's on your face, it melts into your skin - almost like it's not even there. It's amazing. I use it all over my face in the morning, after the above elixir.

Perfectly Posh Under Wonder (purchased by me)
If I'm wearing BB cream, I always precede it with a primer. My favorite right now is this one right here - Perfectly Posh Under Wonder. It's smooth and silky and has the slighest hint of pearly shimmer. It keeps my BB cream in place, and my face never looks melty.

I chose this on a trip to Ulta. Not really sure what caught my eye so much. It's honestly not doing much for my skin, I don't think. I've not noticed anything significant happening. I use it at night, after cleansing, before bed. I put it all over my face. The scent is a tad over the top, but I've been dealing with it. It does keep my skin decently hydrated, and I'll continue using it until the bottle it empty, but I doubt I'll repurchase.

This is my go-to moisturizer! I've purchased and repurchased Perfectly Posh Moisturize 911, and I will continue to do so. It's got a light scent that is not overpowering, and it definitely keeps my skin hydrated both morning and night. This is the last thing I put on in the morning (before makeup, if I do makeup) and at night (right before I crawl into bed!).

So what products make up your daily beauty routine?

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