NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Orangesicle swatches and review

So my love for NYX lippies is pretty much a frenzy. I will buy any that I can get my hands on hahah When I found the new Intense Butter Gloss in a display there was no question I could pick up one - and in orange too!

I love NYX lip products with soft spongey applicators. Let me not get ahead of myself - I do love all NYX lippies pretty much. So I assumed this one would be no exception, and I would just run around singing its praises. I was wrong.

To say that I'm disappointed in this gloss is probably pretty accurate, but I'm hoping that maybe I just haven't found the finesse it takes to use them. It came out thick and unmanageable for me. So intense that it was borderline goopy. You can see in the pictures below just how unmanageable it was for me. My lips look like I colored outside the lines. It got to the point where I just decided taking the lippie off was better than trying to fight my way to a decent lip.

Do you have any of these new Intense Butter Glosses? Can you give me any tips or were they like this for you too? You can purchase it from NYX's website or wherever NYX cosmetics are sold. I find mine at CVS and Ulta.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or were them given as gifts. Afilliate inks contained in this post are for Amazon.