Indigo Bananas Rhythm and Booze

Today's post is of another Indigo Bananas holo - Rhythm and Booze, a stunning purple holo. It's definitely a royal purple, and it's so very pretty! It's part of the Fall 2015 Holos, and I'm a firm believer in needing them all! haha

I used 3 thin coats for this polish. I started out taking pictures outside in the bright sunshine. You can always depend on sunlight to bring out the gorgeous holo!

I also thought the flash from my camera, indoors, would be great with the holo bits... and yes! The inside photos bring out the richness of the purple, and it seems so much deeper.

This purple is really pretty! Like I mentioned, it's part of the Fall 2015 holos, and I tell ya, you might just need them all. You can purchase this (and others!) at the Indigo Bananas' website for $12 for a full-sized bottle and $7.25 for a mini.

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