Halloween nail art with VyNails from Royal Lacquer

I hope everyone who celebrates had a Happy Halloween yesterday! And if you don't, well, I hope you had a fabulous Saturday! I've made a pledge to blog every day in November, so here goes! Today's post features some cute Halloween nail art using VyNails by Royal Lacquer! VyNails are by far my favorite vinyl decals, and I have several different kinds. I've been showcasing some of these designs on my Instagram, so I figured it was time for a post.

For this look, which I totally wore for 2 days, I used Ninja Polish Time and Milani Vanilla Almond. The decal, of course, is the witch :) haha

I'm not a fan of Walking Dead, but with these nails, everyone assumed I am! haha It's just regular old zombies! haha I used several polishes for this look, and all were by China Glaze. Seeing Red, Prey Tell, Five Rules and New Birth. I used the eye shadow applicator method for application of the "spongey" look.

Vampires? Check! This super cool old school Dracula decal was perfect for a dripping blood mani! I handpainted the drips, but I should have used the drip VyNails!

I love using VyNails, and I'm often just dreaming of ways I can incorporate them into nail art. They are SO easy to use. Do you have any VyNails? Or any vinyl decals? I know there are a LOT of them out there now!

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