My Halloween nails with Julie G and Lady Queen!

I think red and black (and maybe blue) are the worst polishes to clean up around your cuticles. So OF COURSE red and black are the colors I chose for my Halloween mani! I was watching the Scream trilogy that day, and I just happened to have received a Ghostface charm from Lady Queen. They have a lot of great nail art stuff there!

I started out with a base of Julie G White Orchid and Black Sheep (both of which were provided to be a few years ago for blogging purposes). I then splattered Julie G Sound the Alarm (purchased with my own money) on top of White Orchid. Then I used a dab of top coat and fixed the Ghostface charm on top of Black Sheep. Voila!

I had someone tell me the Ghostface kind of looked like a decal, and in these photo it does! However, it does stick up off your nail, so if you decide to try these out, be aware of that. It does have a tendency to snag on things. Mine finally came off, but it's still sitting here next to me haha I do still have the rest of the mani on - I'm still wearing the base and splatters!

If you would like to try this out, you can order is hereYou can use the code QGGT15 for 15% off. The price is 99 cents! They are so easy to use, and they jazz up any mani!

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