Dotting around with Lady Queen!

I've never been super good at nail art. So anytime I can make nail art easier, I'm all for it! Lady Queen has some amazing stuff to dress up any mani - like today's post for these ceramic rhinestones! They were so easy to work with and apply :)

Red and black and timeless, right? Aside from being my son's school colors, I just think they look great together! I wanted to dress up this smokin' red mani, so I dabbed a bit of top coat on my already dried mani, attached the little rhinestones and voila! They do stick up off the nail, so you can't go throwing your nails about all willy nilly, but giving them a good base to bond to helps.

I got a little adventurous with this one! I love teal and orange together, so I thought I'd add a gradient of rhinstones :) Same with the red and black duo, I dabbed a little top coat dot onto my nails and fastened the rhinestones. So very easy! This rhinstone wheels comes with SO MANY colors, it's hard not to match them to whatever mani you're wearing. I kinda think my ring nail looks like the buttons on a clown outfit...

My only issue was getting them out of the wheel. I've lost my little picker-upper thingy for nail art bling. If you have one of those, you'll be golden - but I lost mine! haha I hadta kinda scoop one up with my nail and hope it didn't bounce across the room :) If you would like to try this out, you can order it hereYou can use the code QGGT15 for 15% off. The price is $4.40 for roughly 200 of these little pretties.

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