Zoya Whisper Collection

Zoya's newest transitional collection is here! These 6 soft shades are here just in time for the new year! They really remind me of the Satin collection from last year that I love so much!

I've taken a lot of pictures of this collection. You'll notice four photos for each color - sunlight/natural light, shade, indoors with natural light and indoors with flash (in that order, as if you are reading a book). I've done this for several reasons. I want to provide a wide variety of lighting options for you to see how the polish looks.

April is a pink-leaning neutral who pulls more tannish in the sunlight. You can see in all the photos, this one looks different every time. Two coats for what's pictured.

Eastyn is probably my favorite of this collection. It's a soft greyed out lavendar and just looks so sophisicated. I used 3 thin coats for what's pictured.

I had trouble describing Misty. She leans greenish, but is kind of a dusty taupe. Maybe a khaki? I used 1 coat for what's pictured, and seeing some of the angles of the photos, I maybe should have used 2. It's an interesting shade. I'm not sure I have another like it in my collection.

Miss Cala leans peachy, a little, but is a great neutral shade. I used 3 very thin coats for what's pictured, but I could've gotten by with two medium coats.

Ireland is a little deeper green than Misty, and it kind of reminds me of pistachios. I used 2 coats for what's pictured. You'll notice the lighting might look different for this one and Lake. I started to lose the sun, and it gave it a different feel.

Lake is the only one from this collection I had trouble with. Especially on my ring finger. You can see along the edge it's all clumpy and weird, and then before the last photo, I tried to fix it. That didn't go over so well haha I dinged it a bit and didn't even realize it! The formula on this one was thicker, and I think that was the problem. I tried too hard to make it work and it backfired :)

Will you be picking any of them up? There's been so release date, although there was a preorder on the Zoya website. Price is $10 each.

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