Nail Art Made Easy with Lady Queen!

I'm not good at nail art. For the most part, I think I suck at it. I can visualize everything, but not a lot actually works out the way I want it to. So what's a girl to do? Hit up Lady Queen for fun ways to spice up your nails! I have three different fun and easy nail art looks to show you - and I used items from Lady Queen to help me!

Let's start off with this Nail Foil look. It was SO EASY. It comes as a flat piece of foil that reminds me of cellophane, kind of like a small sheet of paper. All you do is cut "shards" of paper off the sheet (I call them shards, because you want them to be misshapen, possibly like large pieces of confetti), and you simply drape them across tacky nails. And by tacky, I mean slightly wet, not the other tacky. I suggest painting a thin coat of clear polish over the whole nail and placing the shards as you see fit. Below you can see the shards over a deep blue China Glaze polish. This sells for 99 cents per set, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

I loved playing with the Fluorescent Studs Nail Wheel Box. There are green, pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow studs in squares and circles. There's a LOT of them! haha I love this nail art that I'm showing you below. The glitter I'm wearing totally matches the fluorescent colors! You can attach these with any type of nail adhesive, though I just put a dab of top coat down and attach them that way. In this case, I also slathered some top coat over them, and this lasted for 4 days! The wheel box is $2.70. I think this is totally and completely worth it. I foresee myself using these a lot :)

These Acrylic Nail Butterflies are too adorable! They come in a wheel box, and there's several types, shapes and colors. I will admit they are not my favorite for long-term wear. I was able to wear the fluorescent studs for a few days, these butterflies did not work out that way. They are no flexible to the point where they will lay flat on your nails. They are definitely 3-D art! They are super pretty, tho, and if you aren't looking to wear them for days - think a party, or perhaps a wedding - they would be perfect! Price on this wheel, packed with, is $2.64.

 If you would like to try any of these fun, easy nail art looks, just get yourself to Lady QueenYou can use the code QGGT15 for 15% off. You can probably find just about anything you would need for nail art there!

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