New Fingerpaints for 2016!

Since my surgery, I have felt behind. Behind in my house, behind on the blog - I'm attempting to make up for lost time! Today's post is 5 of the new Fingerpaints polishes for 2016 - these are the creams and neons! Aren't they stunning?

I've taken a lot of pictures of this collection. You'll notice four photos for each color - sunlight, shade, indoors with natural light and indoors with flash (in that order, as if you are reading a book). I've done this for several reasons. I want to provide a wide variety of lighting options for you to see how the polish looks.

This gorgeousness is the neon Clay on Words. I love it so much. I wore it for a week and finally took it off to test other polishes. I used Fingerpaints' new neon base and top coats to go along with it. It really has staying power and works with neons!

Dye-ing to Know is such an interesting color! Isn't it red? Is it pink? It's sort of neon, sort of creamy; kinda jelly, a little bright. Had I known, I would have tried the neon base and top coat with it, but as you can see, it looks a little too jelly to cover my nails completely. But maybe had I used thicker coats it would have reacted better. I so love it. It's a bright, fun, summer shade.

Here we have To The Plinth Degree. It's so eye searing! It's the closet thing in my stash, I believe, to a yellow highlighter. I used, for this polish, 2 nails with the new neon base coat and 2 with regular base coat. You can really see which is which! The 2 nails with the base coat look brighter and, well, more "put together." Does that make sense?

This pretty pink is A-Cry-Lic A Girl, which looks weird, but is a take of "cry like a girl." It's a nice medium pink with subtle shimmer. It's not too light, as to be a bubblegum, but it's not quite dark enough for the "bubblegum" distinction. It wore really well, only need 2 coats for opacity. You really need a light source to catch the shimmer.

The Mural of the Story is a pretty Tiffany-esque blue, and it has a little bit of a temper. Check out the side of my ring finger. It's a little.... crepe-like. It fell that way. Pictured is 2 thin coats. The polish is super opaque, and I think that was part of the issue for me. Maybe next time I'll try experimenting with how many coats. It is a very pretty polish.

What do you guys think? Do you think you'll pick any of these up? FingerPaints polishes are available for Sally's Beauty Supply - and you can purchase in-store or online.

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