Zoya Sunsets Collection

Zoya Sunsets Collection

Here comes summer! With the Zoya Sunsets Collection, your nails will be more than ready to take on the warmer weather, days at the beach and fun summer days! Unfortunately, we've not had much sun so far :( It's been very rainy and icky around here.

Dory is a vibrant, bright sky blue that is super pigmented! It's a tad on the thick side, as you can see in the up-close photo. Be careful in the thickness of your coats - I used 2 here, and I probably should have just used 1.

Cam, of course, is my favorite! Such a saturated and gorgeous orange. It's bright and it really pops! As with Dory, it's very pigmented and you'll need to watch the thickness of your coats. I used 2 here,  but I'm almost positive that 1 would suffice. You can see in the up-close shot how the polish has kind of fallen.

Surprisingly, Dixie is one of my favorites! It's a juicy watermelon pink, and it isn't the slightest pastel at all, which is a huge plus with me :) haha The formula is really smooth and could be a one-coater. I used 2 thin coats for what's pictured. It didn't thicken up or slide around on the nail like the others.

Brynn is a very pretty purple-leaning pink that I can see myself wear a lot! The pigmentation is great, and 2 thin coats are ideal. I LOVE this name. I actually wrote a novel (or well, I'm still writing it), and my main character's name is Brynn :)

Liv is a purple shade that is described at bright, but on me it appears a bit dusty. I really like it, don't get me wrong, but it appears differently on different skin tons, I believe. The formula is thinner than the others, but not so much that it makes a difference.

Ness is kind of a cross between a mint and a seafoam; it's kind of hard to describe! The formula is great, not too thick. Of the 6, this is the one I don't see myself wearing again, but that doesn't mean I won't use it in nail art!

Will you be picking any of them up? You can purchase these from the Zoya website. Price is $10 each, or you can purchase them as a set for $54.

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