Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos

Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos

More Zoyas? Of course! The Grunge collection has two parts. I showed you the One-Coat Creams already, so now it's time for the Metallic Holos! One thing - it's half holo, half metallic. Not that the polishes are both metallic and holo heheh! Since I posted the creams, I had a peel that started in one of my nails, and it wouldn't get under control. Time to start all over :)

Up first is this gorgeous purple named Finley. It is one of the holos, and the purple is a deep, royal shade. It shines and glitters in the light! Just a beautiful shade. I used 2 coats for what's pictured. As you can see, that's great coverage.
Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos - Finley

Another of the holos is the very pretty Merida, a bright evergreen shade. This one worked much like Finley - 2 coats for full coverage, and the shine goes on for days. The scattered holo in these is really nice.
Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos - Merida

The third holo is Alicia, a silver linear holo with just the slightest touch of gold. I needed 3 coats for this one, but it covered pretty well in 3. I'm not much on silver holos, but I can appreciate their beauty. This one has that glitter factor.
Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos - Alicia

I describe Ash as a raspberry metallic, but Zoya's site says it's a cherry red. Maybe that's just semantics :) It's a pretty shade, and I needed 2 coats. It is really pigmented, but the formula was a little on the thin side. It might be okay to try this one, if applied correctly, in 1 coat. That might be a project for another day :)
Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos - Alsh

This berry metallic is Britta. She leans more purple than Ash, and the formula is even more thin. I used 2 coats here, but I probably should have used 3 thinner coats. You can see a bit of patchiness on my ring finger. I didn't even see it until I cropped the photos.
Zoya Grunge Metallic Holos - Britta

The last metallic is Troy, a pewter shade. I don't particularly care for this one. It's just not "me." I don't see myself wearing this shade much at all, but the formula was nice and it was good in 2 coats.

Will you be picking any of them up? You can purchase these from the Zoya website. Price is $10 each, or you can purchase them as a set for $60.

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