Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes

Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes

Creme has always been my favorite nail polish finish - there's just something about that smooth appearance that grabs my attention. So when I heard Zoya was going to be putting out a collection of one-coat cremes for the fall? SIGN ME UP!

Let's start off with Courtney, a deep blood red that is slightly jellyish. Because this one was jellyish for me, I did need 2 coats. After 1 coat, it was a bit patchy, but adding a second coat was a good remedy. I love this one, and it's absolutely hands down my favorite. It's so juicy and squishy - I couldn't take my eyes off of it. My sister-in-law is named Courtney, so this one is cool! I can't wait for her to try it out.
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - Courtney

Now Mallory on the other hand is perfect in one coat! So saturated and so gorgeous. But be warned - I had staining. Nothing super bad, but if you don't watch taking it off, it'll invade your cuticles. It is a very beautiful shade of blue, and it is definitely a one-coater!
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - Mallory

I'm having trouble describing this green - it's Wyatt, and the Zoya website says it's a "racing green." I'm not sure what "racing green" is, but I can tell you it's pigmented! I only needed 1 coat for this one, as well. I didn't have any issues with staining like I did with Mallory, but I see potential for this one to cause some staining.
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - Wyatt

Noah is such a pretty neutral! This taupe shade pulls brownish on me, but it does have some grey in there too. It's a one-coater, as well. I was honestly kind of worried about this one. I assumed, with it being on the lighter end of the spectrum I'd have trouble. But, nope! Slid right now in 1 coat, no trouble :)
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - Noah

With hints of purple and blue, August pulls an interesting shade of grey on me. It looks like a shade I refer to as "dove grey," and I'm not even sure why. Maybe because it resembles the wings of the morning doves I sometimes see around my house. Again, 1 coat is good!
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - August

Lastly, we have Tara, a very super saturated plum-y purple. It was sort of thick, and I tried controlling it, but it got a little out of hand in a few places haha It is good in one coat, and I didn't have any staining, but there is potential for staining.
Zoya Urban Grunge One-Coat Cremes - Tara

Will you be picking any of them up? You can purchase these from the Zoya website. Price is $10 each, or you can purchase them as a set for $60.

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