Lilla Rose Hair Clips

Okay, I'm not much of a girly girl, but I do have hair, and I have to take care of it, right? Cute clips are usually reserved for those with stunningly gorgeous, manageable hair. But heck, with these Lilla Rose flexi clips, even the least of the girly girls can have cute accessories!

I don't know about you guys, but I have trouble with my hair staying in clips. Those kind that snap (are they called Contour Clips?) slip right down my hair because it's so fine. Barettes are always touch and go for that very same reason. Some have too big a clasp, some not big enough. But with these Lilla Rose flexi clips, they mold themselves to your hair, so they stay in place!

The picture at left is where the clip is attached to, well, itself. The one on the right is where it comes apart to wrap around your hair. There's little claw-esque notches in this end to give places to rest to tighten the hold on your hair. The whole clip is one piece, so you won't ever lose half and walk around your house grumbling for weeks before buying a new piece - only to find the missing piece later.

As I mentioned, one end detaches and swings around. You loop your hair inside, flip the back clasp around and lock it into place. Easy peasy! I tell you, it's always been a struggle to keep anything in my hair - clips, barettes, even headhands! I can't even try to wear those cute elastic ones that everyone wears. They scooch back and back and back until they almost become a ponytail holder *sigh* But these stay in my hair!

And here's a shot of one of them actually in my hair! This picture is a little old now, as my hair is *gasp* almost all one color hahah But this gives you a true representation of how it fits around your hair. These are the mini clips - I think - but these come in all sizes! There are even ones big enough to fit around the biggest, fattest bun you can imagine!

These are sold through a direct sales company, and my friend Nicole is a consultant. You can check out her Lilla Rose site, or like her page on Facebook. You can have a party to earn free clips! There are all different sizes, colors and styles - some have flowers, some are beads, some have different little trinkets on them. Prices vary by style and size.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.