L'Oreal Infallible goodies for the eyes - mascara and eyeliners

I'm always in search of new mascara, and I switch mine up quite often. I never thought I'd say this, but this L'Oreal mascara, Voluminous Superstar Red Carpet, is the best one I've ever used. I don't use those words lightly, either. Matter of fact, I will be buying this one again; I'll even forgo my Urban Decay Perversion and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Seriously.

This is the first mascara I've used with a primer. I have used Younique with the fibers, but I don't use the fibers. They make my lashes feel so heavy. This mascara, which is the shade black, has a white-hued primer that you apply first - and it looks weird haha! But honestly, once you put the color on, it's all good. The tube is dual-ended. The primer unscrews from one side, the mascara from the other. You can purchase this from the L'Oreal website for $10.99 - a bargain for the staying power!

Now, pay no attention to my eyebrows, because they did not hold up as well as my mascara. But this photo below was taken after 10 hours of wear. I put the mascara on at 6:30 one Saturday morning, as I was preparing to go to a ladies retreat - this photo was taken at 4:30 when I returned home. No fallout. No black rings under my eyes. You can see a little smudging on the outside of my lashline on the bottom, but I'm not certain if that is my eyeliner or the mascara. I'm sold - this is my new go-to.

I was also sent some eyeliners along with the mascara, and I do like them, but they are nothing special. The Black Velvet Infalliable liner is weird. It's a flat paddle type applicator, and I couldn't get it to work well for me. Maybe I'm just inexperienced. The swatches on the left are from it. They are big, fat and thick. You can purchase it for $9.99 from the L'Oreal website. The swatches on the right are Matte-Matic Liner in Taupe Grey, Deep Brown, Navy Blue and Ultra Black. You can purchase these from the L'Oreal website for $8.99 each.

While I'm not sold on the eyeliners, I'm ALL about the mascara! I will definitely be purchasing it again when it's time for a new tube. Aside from the L'Oreal website, you can find these products wherever L'Oreal products are sold.

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