ORLY Breathable+Color Just Breathe

ORLY Breathable Just Breathe

Would you believe me if I told you that these pictures were taken after 3 days of wear? And that I didn't use a base coat or a top coat? Well, both statements are true! These ORLY Breathable+Color polishes, or at least this polish, worked so well for me!

Two coats of polish - that's it. Base and top coat are not necessary. This shade is a lovely periwinkle shade called Just Breathe. I'll tell you that I was skeptical at first. I thought there was no way this polish would last with no base or top coat. It proved me wrong! It's definitely a pleasant surprise.

So what's the trick? Well, I've never been one to subscribe to the notion that nails need to breath, but maybe giving them oxygen isn't such a bad thing? There's good stuff in this polish, like Argan Oil and Vitamin C, so I'm guessing everything cooked up together has made the perfect storm of nail polish! Whatever they've done, it's been amazing for me.
ORLY Breathable Just BreatheORLY Breathable Just Breathe

I'm on board with this new polish! You can order from the ORLY website or get it wherever ORLY polishes are sold, such as Sally Beauty or Ulta.

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