Literary Lacquers Nailed Collection

More catching up! I'm hoping to be back at it next week, posting every day again. I have had these polishes for a while, and I feel awful about not having them up before now. I couldn't say no when 2 of my favorite things are on a collision course - nail polish and books. Literary Lacquers has always been an excellent mashup of both... and now Amy has collabed with a romance author to launch a dedicated collection for a book! It's called Nailed, and it's by author Opal Carew :)

I'm not much a reader of erotic fiction or romance - they just aren't my style. However, I don't expect people to get my obsession with YA and supernatural stuff, so it all comes out in the wash right? hahah This 6-piece collection is available as a set, or you can buy the polishes individually!

First up, my favorite of this collection, is Love, a holographic topper with microglitter. It looks great over everything! I wore this over a purple shade, and as you can see, there's no greying effect. That's a concern with some holo toppers... they tend to grey out the polish underneath. This one gets the all-clear, tho! :) This is one coat over the base.,

Next is another glitter - this one in gorgeous shades of aqua. It's called Tia Wanna, and that makes me giggle haha This polish could be built up for full coverage, but I kind of like it here over orange. I have seen swatched with full coverage, and I may try it like that later. One coat over the base.

Passion is an iridescent flakie polish that kind of reminds me of glass shards. I put it over a Barbie pink (not too pale!), and maybe I should have used another coat of the flakie... or maybe used another color under the flakie. It doesn't stand out very much in photos, but when it catches the light, watch out! It's super sparkly. I used one coat over the base.

You know if there's an orange polish, I'll love it, and Afterglow fits all that criteria :) It's a shimmery burnt orange shade with a pink shimmer and some flakies tossed in. I used 3 very thin coats for what's pictured. It's got a very fiery quality to it.

Arousal is an interesting polish - it's kind of pink, kind of orange and kind of red. It's very shimmery, and the base is a jellyish consistency. I would refer to this as a cherry red... not quite fire engine, but not too far on the pink end of the spectrum. Pictured is 2 coats.

Last, but not least, is Orgasm. This is a super pretty purple! It was almost a one-coater actually. Overall, I think this polish is kind of... un-unique? It is very pretty, don't get me wrong, but I have others like it. Perhaps, they aren't better quality, tho :) I tend to expect better quality out of Literary Lacquers, and Amy doesn't disappoint. When reaching for a polish in this shade, I would defnitely pick the LL any day of the week.

So what do you guys think? These are available now from Literary Lacquer's shop! As I mentioned above, you can purchase all 6 as a set for $62.70, or you can buy individually. Some are $10 per bottle, and some are $12.

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