Time Out - The dreaded blogging slump

I've not had much motivation lately. I'm a terrible blogger. I can't seem to get it together. I've got stuff sitting here just waiting to be swatched or photographed... I've also got several things already photographed - I just can't get the energy to sit down and actually write anything. How long can my motivation be missing? Will my motivation return at some point?

Is this a sign? Is blogging on its way out for me? Am I preparing to pack everything up and go home? I know a lot of this laziness for me is the fact that it seems like I'm treading water. And treading water. And treading water. I have been forcing myself to try to keep up for so long that I've seriously just lost interest.

I told myself over and over last night that I was going to get up this morning and blog, blog, blog. I've got 6 posts drafted, all set up, just waiting for words. I woke up freezing, as I had lost my comforter sometime in the night, and our temps are starting to drop at night now. I went to make a bagel and an iced coffee (a simple way with milk, coffee concentrate and coffee creamer), and when I pulled the creamer out of the fridge, the lid wasn't locked, so as I gave it a shake, it went everywhere (I'm talking all over me, the floor, the table and chairs). Had to get down on my hands and knees to scrub because my Swiffer thingy had no more refills (and I'm going to have to go to the store to get more -and milk, but that's a different story). So I changed my clothes, started up a load of laundry and waited for my bagel. The bagel popped up, I grabbed in the fridge for cream cheese only to find it expired. Or well, past the date. And in my mind I'm thinking "Oh, it's not that bad! You'll be fine!" But then I thought about my luck and my morning so far, and I ended up having a plain bagel. Man, that's so dry.

But the heaviest insult to injury? My normal morning routine is walk 30-45 minutes, have breakfast while watching TiVo-ed Unsolved Mysteries and then go about my day, whether that's laundry, blogging or cleaning up the living room or whatever. I sat down with my dry bagel and my iced coffee only to find there was no Unsolved Mysteries recording. Keep in mind Lifetime reruns 3 episodes every morning. Not the good episodes with Robert Stack and the creepy theme song, but a repackaged version with Dennis Farina and a rock anthem. But I TiVo them every day and fast forward through the segments I remember (and ghost stories - I'm just not into those). This is odd to me because the past 2 weeks have been a bunch of episodes and segments I'd not watched before. So I got to searching through the guide, and for the next 2 weeks, there's no Unsolved Mysteries. *knife through the heart*

So where does this leave me? Right now it leaves me cranky and staring down the barrel of motivation. Will it hit me? Will I get my super amazing idea of a berry/purple lipstick round-up off the ground? Will I be able to get back that spark? Should I cut my losses and give up? I hate feeling useless, and I hate feeling behind. Next week is my son's Fall Break from school. Maybe things will pick up then...