Zoya Enchanted Collection

Zoya Enchanted Collection

Ooooh new PixieDusts from Zoya? Yes, please! Textured polishes were all the rage a few years ago, and they seem to have died down. I am iffy on some brands, but Zoya's PixieDusts are  always great! They dry quickly and are long-lasting. The new Enchanted collection features 4 new PixieDusts, as well as 2 new duochromes.

First up, I've got Waverly. This one is so gorgeous. I'm wearing it as I type this right now, too. It's a deep sapphire blue with sparklies through it, and it just has this regal quality - it looks like crushed velvet or something. I just keep staring at my nails. The trick with Pixies is letting one coat dry pretty well before applying the second. That helps with dragging and how it sets up.
Zoya Enchanted Collection Waverly

This berry is the beautiful Lorna, another of the new Pixies. This photo is really after more than 24 hours of wear. You can see a little wear around the tips of my nails, but really there's nothing wrong here. The best part is - no top coat! That's right. This is 2 coats for 24 hours of wear with no top coat,
Zoya Enchanted Collection Lorna

Now, my wedding colors were navy blue, maroon and hunter green - much like the first 3 polishes I've featured in this collection haha As I was putting the collage together last night it hit me - these are my jam! This green is Elphie (like Elphaba, I'm guessing), and it's really pretty. It took longer to dry down than the others, as you can see it's a little shinier. This is 2 coats.
Zoya Enchanted Collection Elphie

Alice! Alice is a periwinkle Pixie, and much like Elphie, I should have given it more time to dry down. But you can still see the chunkiness of the polish in these 2 coats - and let's discuss that. PixieDusts are not distractingly textured. They feel so smooth, while at the same time feeling like velvet, pleated velvet even. My son says they feel like gumdrops - sugary!
Zoya Enchanted Collection Alice

And after Pixies, we're got some duochromes! This one is Saint, whose shifty goodness is pinkish, blueish, purplish. I think the technical description says periwinkle and magenta. But it is really pretty. It's shimmery, but a bit on the thin side. I used 3 thin coats for what's pictured, but you can still see a bit of VNL. Next time, I'm going to plan to be even more careful, as I think those balding patches might be closer to drag marks than thin spots.
Zoya Enchanted Collection Saint

And now for Olivera - it's beauty I absolutely could not capture. To the naked eye, the base is a deep teal shimmer, but the polish shifts all over the place - from teal to blue to green to purple. It is so difficult to get the shift on camera, tho! I wish I could have. This polish was almost a one-coater, but due to the duochrome-iness (is that a word? haha!), I needed a second coat. I really like this one. It was beautiful to just wave my hands under different lights to see what would happen.
Zoya Enchanted Collection Olivera

Will you be picking any of them up? I suggested Waverly, Lorna and Olivera. You can purchase these from the Zoya website. Price is $10 each, or you can purchase them as a set for $60.

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