NEW! Jesse's Girl Highlight & Contour kit

I'll just be upfront and say that I'm not good with highlighting and contouring. I do try, and I do experiment. I watch tutorials and check out other blogs. I just end up looking like I've got racing stripes on my face in the end. It's something I'm still working on haha! So I decided to give this Highlight & Contour kit from Jesse's Girl a try - and you guys know how much I love me some Jesse's Girl!

I started this post early this morning, but then my mom came to pick me up to go shopping. Here it is late afternoon, and I'm just now getting back to it haha This palette has 8 shades - 4 for highlighting and 4 for contouring. These are pretty decently pigmented, or so I think, with the top shades being arguably lighter, as they are, in fact, just lighter shades.

You know what I did? I held the palette upside down when I took this photo, and I didn't even notice until now haha! Still the same shades, and they are in the same spots on the palette, I've just got them pictured upside down. Below are my arm swatches of the colors. The pigments themselves are velvety smooth, and I had absolutely no issue transferring them to my skin.

Here are some tips from the Jesse's Girl website on using this kit:
Suggested usage:
CONTOUR: using a contouring brush, apply the contour shade of your choice to the hollows of cheeks, down sides of nose, under chin, along jawline and around hairline to sculpt and chisel. Blend well.
HIGHLIGHT: using a contouring brush, apply a highlighter of your choice to cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone, Cupid’s bow, and anywhere you want to lighten, brighten, and add a radiant glow.
Price point for this kit is $12.99, which from what I can gather is a very reasonable price. It's very large, as well, so there is a lot of each pigment. You can check this out (and all the other fantabulous products) on the Jesse's Girl website. They are also available at Rite Aid.

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