The Perfect Lipsticks from Zoya

The Perfect Lipsticks from Zoya

Let's talk gorgeous! These 12 Zoya The Perfect Lipsticks are stunning - and each is easy to apply and super pretty! I was given the opportunity to try these out, and I can tell you that I'm not disappointed.

They came packaged in their own cute little boxes! I'm so glad Zoya decided to do more lipsticks. From the previous ones I tried, I knew I'd like the rest!
The Perfect Lipsticks from ZoyaThe Perfect Lipsticks from Zoya

Matte Red Velvet, a cool-toned red with a matte finish
Very pretty! It's a little darker than I normally wear, but this could be for special occasions. I wouldn't call the finish a true matte... it reminds me more of a vinyl look. It's not drying at all.

Cameron, a creamy neutral with a satin finish
This is one of those shades that I can't pull off. It's really pretty and so creamy! It's just way too pale of a color for me. Application was super easy, but it tends to make my lips too pale, and then my skin looks too red.

Paisley, a blush rose with a satin finish
Now this one is my favorite of the whole bunch! This is just my perfect shade, and I can tell you that I'm actually wearing this one right now as I'm typing. It is just the right amount of pigment to it, it's not sticky or thick. I love it!

Frankie, a scarlet red in a satin finish
This shade is almost too much for me haha! I do love its boldness, and I will wear this shade every once in a while. It could be the perfect touch to a dramatic makeup look :)

Georgia, a deep berry in a satin finish
I am a HUGE fan of berries and purples, so you know this is one that I love! I'm actually working on a berry and purple lipstick post, It keeps growing...

Maxwell, a deep plum with a fuchsia fleck in a modern matte finish
This one is SO DARK. Holy smokes it's so dark hahaha I looked so pale while wearing it. It's definitely one for dramatic eye makeup. You can see that it pulls away from the inside of the lips a little. But I've found that most dark lipsticks like this do the same.

Brooke, a dewy mauve with a pearl effect
I think I expected more from this one. The formula is more like a balm, and the color payoff isn't that much. But it does add a nice purple-y sheen to the lips, and it's got that pearl effect that adds some shimmer!

Wren, a rosy neutral with a cream finish
I tried wearing this one last night, but it sort of disappeared quickly. Or so I thought. It really was just too light on me. I walked around thinking my lipstick had worn off, but it was actualy still there, just undetectable against my skintone.

Candy, a bright pink in a cream finish
I'd tried this one before, and it was easy to use the first time - easy to use this time too! I'm not much a fan of pink lipsticks, but this one is darker on the spectrum comparatively.

Mellie, a red-pink in a cream finish
I've tried this one before, and loved it then and now. It's got some purplish tones to it, so of course I was going to like it :) It's very creamy and the shade is not too bright.

Belle, a mid-tone pink with a gold shimmer in a frost finish
This one is a little light for me. It's just too pale for a pink to go with my skintone. However, the formula is super easy and worked better than I assumed a "frost finish" would.

Jasmine, a deep fuchsia plum in a cream finish
I'm in love with purples and berries (I said that already right? haha). This fits that bill and is super pretty! I love that it's deep, but not flat. It's got a glossy feel to it, and it just looks great on me. That sounds so incredibly vain, but I know I look good in purples.

Will you be picking any of them up? I LOVE Paisley and Jasmine - they are my favorites. I really hope Zoya might expand this line and give us more finishes and shades! You can purchase these from the Zoya website. Price is $12 each.

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