Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette swatches

I have some pretty great friends. For my birthday last week, I received wine, hot chocolate, a comfy blanket and a gift card to Ulta, which if you know me personally, is totally my mecca. So I immediately jumped online (because there isn't an Ulta within driving distance yet), and started perusing. You know what caught my eye? The brand new Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette - and it's on sale! I had to have it. It's packed with bright, gorgeous shades.

I think the only shade family not represented in this palette is neutrals hah! The shades are in-your-face and pigmented super well. To the point of staining, so be careful! While swatching, the shades Hatter and Blindsided stained my fingers. I was able to scrub it off, but it stained it pretty well.

They are like buttery velvet to the touch and apply so smoothly. I had so much fun swatching them. I've only had one Urban Decay palette before, so my experience with this brand is pretty limited. I'll just drop the swatches here and let them do all the talking...

Wow, right? Like I mentioned, Hatter and Blindsided are pretty intense, so proceed with caution where they are concerned. I thought I'd have trouble with Minx and Platonic, but nope. My favorite shades are Warning, Seize and, despite it's staining properties, Blindsided. I'm going out this afternoon for lunch, so I'm going to break out this palette and do an eyelook - maybe you'll see it in a post next week! :) Here's a nice collage of everything for easy reference.

There are several places you can get this palette right now, but I recommend the Urban Decay website and Ulta. It's on sale for $39 on both of these sites. I'm not sure about in Ulta stores, as I can't check myself. Regular price on Urban Decay's site is $55, so the sale price is pretty dang good! You can also find this palette at Sephora and from several sellers on Amazon

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift. Affiliates links are to Amazon.com.