Forgotten Halloween nail art from 2016

No  more excuses here, as I try to slip in these Halloween nail art photos from *ahem* October. I know, I know haha! But really, my favorite holiday is Halloween, so I can go for some good Halloween nail art anytime! I've used a mash-up of  freehand, vinyls and the cosmetic sponge technique to completes these 5 manis! I had originally intended to do 5 blog posts, one for each mani, but, well, here they are all together!

First up is a mani with all Zoya polishes - Purity (white), Rekha (red), Willa (black) and Storm (black holo). The zigzags look awful haha! I used Willa as the base for my ring finger nail, and then used zigzag vinyls and painted Purity over it. I wasn't exactly as careful as I should've been when removing the vinyls. They are kind of sketchy. Ah well. I love the little Ghostface jewel I got some an online nail art place - I'm having trouble remembering which off the top of my head. I decided to use that on the middle finger as kind of a secondary accent. If I'd been more careful, I would've liked this one way more!

I actually think this mani is my favorite of all 5 featured here. The green glittery polish is Literaty Lacquers Long May She Reign. Isn't it stunning? On top of the ring finger nail is a zombie decal from Vynails and Royal Lacquer. On the other nails, I started with a base of white polish (I can't remember which one), and then I put dots of Wet n Wild Werewolf Vision and Frank Is Mine right on the nail and used a cosmetic sponge to dab them around. It looks like swirly icky green fog,

Is this one too plain? haha It's a very simple mani using ORLY Decades of Dysfunction (pinky neutral) and Mysterious Curse (the blurple duochrome). Both of these polishes are from the Dark Shadows collection that came out a few years ago. I stuck a cute skull and crossbones vinyl from Vynails on my ring finger nail. Super simple. Looks cute!

Another with ORLY polishes from the Dark Shadows collection. I used Decades of Dysfunction on all of my nails, and I used a red called Grave Mistake to simulate dripping blood. I did it freehand, so it would be better had I used a vinyl decal, but, honestly, I think mine looks like real, oozing blood! It's kinda thick, kinda goopy and really looks like it's running down my nail. I like it! :)

Lastly, another simple one. I used Avon Cosmic polish in the orange shade called Saturn. I adore this polish, and when I wear it, I can't help but stare at my nails! On my ring finger nail I used a white polish and placed a sweet little pumpkin vinyl from Vynails. I really like Vynails, have you noticed? I do have a lot of them!

So there you have it. My Halloween nail art to kick off 2017. haha! I'm glad I'm getting back into blogging. My break was really refreshing. Hopefully this year will bring lots of school stuff for me to share with you!

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