Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadows

There are different forms eye shadows can take - powder, liquid, creme, loose pigment - I tend to graviate toward powder for the simple fact that they are less messy! haha But, you know, I need to change that, I need to break out of the mold. Let's get started with these Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadows, shall we?

These shadows come in tubes, and they are lquid. The applicator is a brush, and it's SO easy to use! I took these over to my friend's house last week, and we played around. She was swatching the colors on her hand and raved about how smooth and silky they felt - and how quick they dried and stayed put! She had the swatches on her hands for over two hours before it finally wore off a bit after her third handwashing. These puppies have staying power!

My only issue is some of them (like My Blue Heaven) get finicky if you use too many brushstrokes. You can see in my swatch how it kind of clumped up. But if you take your time and watch how you apply, they work perfectly :)

First up we've got some metallic-looking end of the spectrum - like fine metals!

This is the green and blue family. Check out the sparkle in that deep, dark blue!

And finally, the rose, pink and purples! That deep purple is just gorgeous!

Price point on these is $4.99 each - great price on these! They are available on the Jesse's Girl website or at Rite Aid stores. Jesse's Girl Cosmetics are also available on Amazon now! I could go on and on about Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - they are definitely one of my favorite brands. Not only am I one of their bloggers, but I buy a lot of stuff on my own!

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