Time Out! Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom is going in several new directions...

The times they are a -changin'. That's a song, right? Well, right now it's this blog. I have grown so disenchanted with beauty blogging. Don't get me wrong. I love makeup and nail polish, but it's growing tedious to blog about them because the market is so saturated. As with any saturated market, stuff starts sinking to the wayside. So should I give up? Nah, I think I'll just started adding other elements into my blog. But what you might ask?

The center of this blog will always be cosmetics. I won't be able to help myself there. But how I feature cosmetics and nail polish might be different. I want to move toward less reviews and more makeup looks, nail art and fun stuff. Less swatching, more doing. I will, of course, still do swatching, but I want to incorporate more.

My not-so-secret passion has always been books. I hope to bring more of that here. Maybe not book reviews, but talking about reading and books. Raising awareness, getting more people to read. Perhaps a post all about my book shelf and what a pain it is to organize? haha

I have a life! I promise I do. I hope to bring more of that here. I can truly be the Sarcastic Mom that my title implies. My son is 12 and my dog is 4. I wanna bring them in more. I want to discuss my TV shows and my volunteering... and my working as a sub at the local elementary.

Who knows, I could throw in some recipes! I have posted recipes in the past, and they went over very well. I especially want to show you guys my son's Science Fair project (it's food-related!). I'll work on a post for next week, actually, as the Science Fair is less than a week away!

Over the past 18 months, I've lost 50 lbs and kept it off. Well, mostly. I want to get back to working out and sharing my weight loss journey, as I'd like to lose at least 50 more lbs. As soon as I get my new fitness tracker (probably a Garmin, as my FitBit experience sucks).

So there you have it. Some new content - and some being me - are coming up. Stick around. I am really feeling invigorated with this change. I hope you will be able to tell I'm "all in" with this blog again.