Who would've thought Indiana was hiding Who North America?

I finally managed to drag my husband and son somewhere over Spring Break! A few years ago, I had heard that Who North America was located not far from us - in Indiana, no less! My husband I only recently got into watching Doctor Who, but I knew we needed to see this store! Especially because it's only about 2 hours from us. I'm trying to make sure, but I want to say this is the only store of its kind in the US..

When you first walk in, you're greeted with a replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. (for those who don't know, that stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space). On the show, it serves as the Doctor's "time machine," but at the store, the other side of this is a display for retail. It's filled with little Doctors hehe

Visiting the store this weekend was this Cosplay Dalek - I assume it's Cosplay because there was a guy inside the costume haha He's from Ohio, and he was there for a Make a Wish Foundation event at the store. Lesson learned for us to make sure we check the Facebook page to see if events are happening. We walked into a madhouse. ANYWAY. This Dalek guy was great. I was taking pictures of it, not knowing a person was in there, and it turned to me and asked "Do you want to take a selfie with me?" haha! And after I said I had it on video, it turned to me again and said "WELL THIS DALEK HAS VIDEO OF YOU, TOO."

There have been a lot of Doctors over the course of both incarnations of the series. We are on the 12th Doctor right now (and I'm not fond of the 12th Doctor, but I think that's just me). My favorite is the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant. Below are just a few of the 10th Doctor items from the store. There was SO MUCH MORE.

 If you ask a lot of current Whovians to name an episode they liked, more than a few will say "Blink," which is an episode that introduced the Weeping Angels. If you watch them, they stand still, but if you don't, they advance and, well, kill you. It's really a scary episode. Below are just a few of the Weeping Angel merchandise at the store. My husband bought a Weeping Angel squishy stress toy haha!

One Doctor made bow ties cool, so of course there were bow ties! He also wore a Fez, and yep, they had those, too! Lots of other hats worn by other Doctors were also available, and replicas of their coats and scarves could be purchased, as well. There was also several bolts of material with various Doctor Who designs.

I mentioned 10 was my favorite Doctor, right? Well they had cardboard stand-ups! haha This is 10 in the middle, with his soulmate and first companion, Rose, on the left, and Captain Jack Harkness on his right. Captain Jack had his own series, as well. Then, of course, I had to have a selfie with my favorite!

Here was our purchase! I got socks because, well, I really need some new socks :) The birthday card and one of these items is for my son's Doctor Who-obsessed friend. The packs at the bottom are "blind packs," which means we didn't know what was in them when we opened them. Unfortunately, it was 2 white Daleks and a Roman soldier. Nobody fun.

Before leaving, I had to take a selfie with the T.A.R.D.I.S. I told the secretary at my son's school that I hoped to go to the store over break, and she told me to send her a picture. This is the one I posted on Facebook! :) haha

So there you have it - our trip to Who North America. Have any of you ever been? Or perhaps a store like it? I'm really wondering if this is the main store in the US, in which case, Indiana actually has something super awesome for fans! They did have a few other fandoms at the store, too. Torchwood, Sarah Jane Chronicles (both are Doctor Who-related), but they also has Dark Shadows (the old vampire TV series), Stargate and a few Sherlock-centric items, mostly DVDs. Tho, it's important to note the Sherlock items were not Cumberbatch. You can check out the Who North America website or the Facebook page for more details.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this post by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.