Supernatural Join The Hunt eye shadow palette at Hot Topic!

Supernatural Join The Hunt eye shadow palette at Hot Topic!

Sometimes, when you're not looking for things, you find the most incredible things. Case in point, this eye shadow palette I stumbled upon at Hot Topic over the weekend. I seriously almost knocked my husband over when I saw the cover design. SUPERNATURAL. My boys, Dean and Sam. This set of eye shadows could not be more aptly named - the entirety of it is called Join The Hunt, and each shadow is named with something from the show.

I saw the edges of the palette sticking up out of the makeup bin, and I did a double take. I raced over there to pick it up to check it over, and I'm pretty sure I squealed with glee. I didn't even need to look at the eye shadows to know I would be buying this palette. I didn't even think about the quality, either.

And those names! hahaha Jerk... Hunter... Pie... Assbutt... They so symbolize everything that is great about this series! I am always wary about pigmentation on  palettes like this - and I wonder if they are just hastily thrown together to make a buck. But this one seems very thoroughly thought out.

And the mirror! Yes, "Saving people, hunting things" IS "the family business." I'll tell you, tho, it was almost impossible to get a decent picture of that haha

Here's a close-up look at the shadows and their names... The little brush in the palette has the symbols all over it, too :)

And pigmentation? Heck, yes. Demon Eyes and Hunter actually stained my fingers while I was swatching these last night. I can't wait to wear them. I've been mentally planning eye looks all morning.

So what do you think of this palette? Are you a Supernatural fan? My house is! The show is just so fun, and it's getting better with age. I snagged this palette at the Hot Topic store at the mall closest to my house, but it is available online. I paid $14.90 for this palette in-store - looks like it's marked down even cheaper online! Better get it while you can!

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.