Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection

My, oh my. I think I might be back with a vengeance here. I have posts planned every day this week! But let's kick off this Monday with the gorgeous new Bohemian Dreams collection from Julie G! This set of bright, vibrant cremes is sure to put you in a free-spirited state of mind!

Aria is a bright vibrant berry shade, and as you can see (and I can now, too), I must've missed the edge of my middle nail! haha Oh well- I guess you can see how 1 coat vs. 2 coats looks? Oh man! haha The formula on this one was very nice, good in 2 coats. I think this color is so pretty, and I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot.
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Aria

There's something about Eden that draws me in, and I'm not even a fan of olive green. This shade is deep and intense - very becoming of a Bohemian lifestyle. It took two thin coats for what's pictured, and it leveled itself. You really can't beat that!
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - EdenJulie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Eden

When I pulled them out of the box, I noticed the similarities between Faith and Aria. They are both in the berry family of shades, but Faith is much more pink that Aria. This formula on this one is a dream - seriously 1 coat for what's pictured. I'm not a fan of pink, as you know, but this one is just too gorgeous to pass by.
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Faith

Harmony is a fun shade of light purple. I wouldn't exactly call this one lavender, but it might come close. It does have a dusty aspect to it, and it's just so complimentary. I think it looks fabulous with my skintone, and I think it would be great with just about any skintone. It's got that universal quality. Two coats for what's pictured.
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - HarmonyJulie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Harmony

Hmm Henna. I'm not even sure how to describe Henna. It's a plummy shade, with some brownish grey in it. Oh, and it's dusty. Yeah. It's a completely unique shade in my collection. The formula is a little tricky. It's got what I like to refer to as "vampy syndrome." I can put the polish on, and assume it's full coverage, but when I take pictures you can see patchiness. It happens with a lot of vampy polishes. I did use 2 coats here, but I'm thinking 3 thin coats will be next time.
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - HennaJulie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Henna

Ooooh Karma! What a beautiful shade of blue you are! You're the ocean, the sky... whatever you wanna be! I adore this color honestly - but be aware! This one did stain my nails and cuticles. Just take precations and double up on base coat. You should be fine!
Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - KarmaJulie G Bohemian Dreams Collection - Karma

As you can see in some of the pictures, the handles are different than normal Julie G bottles. They are a faux grainy wood that is super sweet! I can't believe I didn't get any real pictures of the actual handles. You can see them here in my Instagram post.

Price point on these is $3.99 each - great price on these! They are available on the Jesse's Girl website or at Rite Aid stores. I could go on and on about Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - they are definitely one of my favorite brands. Not only am I one of their bloggers, but I buy a lot of stuff on my own!

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