Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017!

Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017!

You guys know I'm totally a lipstick-a-holic now, right? This blog started out as an obsession with nail polish and that morphed into a love of all cosmetics. Lately, it pretty much settles into a smorgasbord of lipstick. So when these new fall 2017 Zoya lipticks arrived on my doorstep? I was in HEAVEN. And the new shades are...?

Look at these pretties! Seven brand new shades just itching to get on your lips. Each one is a silky smooth glide of a fall color! But how are they with coverage?

Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017!

Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017!

Let's start with Addie - a pinky nude cream. The coverage here is wowza! My lips were hydrating and had great coverage when I wore this shade. It's definitely a YLBB shade, and I think it will be flattered on the majority of skintones.
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Addie

I really wanted to fall deeply in love with Bristol. After all, this is my bread and butter shade (I won't lie, I'm amazing in purples, berries and wines). But the coverage was kind of lacking, and as you can see in the photo, the coverage ended up squeaking away from the inside of my lips. The color itself is fantastic, and I love it! But don't plan on wearing for longer than a few hours.
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Bristol

Izzy is much the same as Bristol in that coverage was kind of off. It wasn't as bad as others, but still not as "full," if that makes sense? But if you apply it just right, this fuchsia cream is so dang pretty! My secret is keeping my lips scrubbed - seriously. I apply lip scrub every night before I go to bed. It really helps with getting lipsticks to adhere to your lips.
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Izzy

Not that you guys would know this, but my middle name is Alayne, which is kind of like Layne. So you'd like this would be MY color right? Well, kind of. I love the coverage so much with this lipstick! I think I might need to wait a bit, for my skin to get a bit of a tan. It's a beautiful dusty rose!
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Layne

Lucky is another with coverage issues. I could not get this one to stick to my lips! :( I hate that because it's a really vibrant berry purple-leaning pink that I could see myself wearing a lot!
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Lucky

*sigh* Maggie's got the same issues. See how the inside of my lips look all patchy :( It's killing me. It's a LOT better than some lipsticks, tho, I will say! It's a gorgeous deep berry that is so in my wheelhouse. I think I will just keep applying it because I love the shade so much.
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Maggie

Oh Tommy. Tommy, Tommy. This blurple cream is just the most gorgeous shade. I just wish I could wear it! This washes me out and makes me look so pale unless the right lighting conditions are there! I think this color is very wearable, and patchiness is certainly minimal compared to others.
Zoya fall lipsticks for 2017! - Tommy

Price point on these is $12. I recommend, from my tests, Addie, Izzy and Layne - but keep in mind, these might apply completely differently on you! Your body chemistry may make them adhere on the first try! Don't get me wrong, I won't be tossing any of these shades. I'll just know I need to apply them a little more often :)

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