Out with the old and in with the new!

In my reinvention journey for this blog, I've decided to inject real life into it every once in a while. So... today, let's talk all of the new stuff that's been happening in my life the past few days, weeks, months!

This is my dog, Clark Kent. He's a Cairn Terrier. He has Lymphangiectasia. It's been very taxing on our family the past several months (since last November, actually). It's been a struggle to say the least. We've thought we were going to lose him twice. I don't know what I'd do without him at this point in my life, so believe me when I say we are trying everything (and he's only 6). Medications are keeping him stable now, and we are managing day by day. He's on a low fat diet. Some days are better than others.

What am I currently reading? When real life doesn't get in the way, I am trying to get through the third book in the Three Dark Crown series - Two Dark Reigns. It was delivered last week, as I had pre-ordered. I am a HUGE Kendare Blake fan. She's very interactive on social media, especially, Instagram, and it's very refreshing to see an author so humble! She responds to a lot of my posts. I really would LOVE a day to do absolutely nothing but read. But my real life isn't like that right now...

What's going on with my hair? I'm trying to grow all my layers out. It's a tedious process. There's this thing with my hair - shampoos/conditioners either like my hair and hate my scalp or vice versa. So I'm constantly searching for the next big thing. Here's to trying Unwined by Hask!

How cute is this??? There's a local lady named Bonnie who paints the most beautiful stuff. She paints palette signs, canvases, and wooden ornaments! She takes special orders and is SO GOOD at it. This was our special order - complete with our Snow Dog Clark Kent :)

What else happened? We got a new kitchen table! We are in the midst of redoing a lot of things around the house - getting some new windows, siding on the outside... so we decided why not get a new kitchen table? Our old table had a shiny veneer type top that was cracked and started splitting in one corner, and some spots were flaking off. This is the new table!

What has been going on with you? Anything special? Any new things you're doing, reading, buying? Drop a comment below!

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