Our visit to the Jasper Flowers & Gifts

Today's my birthday! But yesterday, we had dinner with my dad to celebrate Christmas. We went to a town (really a tiny city) about an hour away from where we live to have dinner at a local establishment in Jasper, Indiana. When we're in Jasper, we MUST go to Jasper Flowers & Gifts! It's former name is Jasper Popcorn Company - so you can guess what the main attraction truly is! How cool is this giant popcorn bucket in the parking lot?

This place has grown and expanded over the past couple of years - here are all of the services offered! The staff is friendly and helpful in all areas, and tries very hard to make your visit with them a good one.

When you first walk in, you're greeted with a guestbook - and everyone signs it!

On the wall behind the guestbook is a map of the United States, and they ask you put a pin in your location is there isn't one already there. It's pretty concentrated to the Midwest haha!

The main area is filled with decor. Right now, of course, it's holiday-themed decor. This changes with each season and holiday. But there is so much to choose from!

Tumblers in all shapes, sizes and patterns are one of the cutest items! Even my husband said "Man, if we didn't have so many tumblers and mugs, I'd grab a few new ones."

The mainstay for me has always been the popcorn! At one time, they boasted 90 different flavors! Below, left, is just one of the popcorn racks. There's about 8 or so racks just like that filled every day! Each flavor out comes in 3 different sized bags. Sweet and savory flavors alike! My favorites are Dill Pickle, Budderfinger, Red Velvet and Cookies n Cream. On the right is one of the newest flavors - Frozen Pop. I asked what it was, and they said vanilla and white chocolate. It's just tinted blue. Some of the popcorn comes in larger sizes!

But the reason we were there today? Stocking stuffers! They make all kinds of chocolate goodies, hand-decorated and adorable! Below you can see some white chocolate-covered pretzels, deocrated Oreos and grahams *shhhh* Don't tell me husband, but he and my son are getting Oreos and grahams!

Two of my most favorite things are red velvet and blueberries. So check out some of my favorite goodies - red velvet cherries and milk chocolate blueberries. I won't lie - I bought a pack of each and dropped them in my own stocking haha!

So, if you're ever in Jasper, Indiana, and you're looking for a place to get decor, flowers, popcorn,  candy... OH SHOOT! I totally missed the savory snack section today! There's dips, spreads, crackers, snack mixes. Heck, I'll need to get more pictures and do another post later! In the meantime, you can find them on Facebook or their website.