Who am I?

I am Destany, mother to an intelligent, hilarious and stubborn 17-yr-old boy and wife to a wise-beyond-his-years geek.

I love nail polish. Obviously. I almost died. My injury was severe, traumatic and live-altering. At the very least, doctors told me I would never be able to use my arm again. I showed them, didn't I? That's why this blog is important to me. I'm living, breathing, walking proof that miracles happen. I can do my own nails and makeup... which is something that could have been taken from me. I'm blessed and lucky.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best show ever in the history of my TV. Don't try to talk me out of this. I also like Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, Mayday Parade, pop punk in general and typing without using capital letters.

My husband is a published author. Not in the way that you think, tho, really. He works with computers, and I don't pretend to even understand what he does, BUT he has written a book on the firewall software that his company created. Two books, actually. I used to participate, when I can, in National Novel Writing Month each November and in Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July. I have completed 5 "novels" and have 3 others started. I doubt any of them will ever be published.

I like to read. A lot. I also like to create manis inspired by books covers.

No, I do not name my early posts "The one with...." because of Friends. I didn't watch Friends, so it's really a total coincidence :)

Where to find me:

You can e-mail me at polish@pingle.org

What is this place?

I started out as Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom... then I jumped to Manifest Destany. I decided CoaSMom was just really me, and I needed to get back to it. You'll find nail polish, cosmetics, beauty products, skin care, hair care... and some puppy, mommy and foodie posts :)

My blog template came from this store. Easy to use and completely customizable. I purchased my graphics from this etsy shop. So fun and easy to work with. I had a custom graphic made, but she does have premade graphics that are cute and affordable! Three fonts used on this blog are all created by Kimberly Geswein. I love her fonts, and I think they are worth paying for! I also use a freeware font I downloaded with a set.

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