Literary Lacquers Othello Duo - Desdemona's Hankerchief and If Thou Hast Eyes To See

Literary Lacquers Othello Duo

Oh you guys are going to love these creme polishes! I know I keep mentioning it, but the Literary Lacquers Facebook Group is super fun - and here's just one example! Amy created these gorgeous cremes and there was a contest in the group to name them - so they have become the Othello Duo, named by Trish Cowart Krulin. The blue is Desdemona's Handkerchief, and the minty shade is If Thou Hast Eyes To See.

Desdemona's Handkerchief is a lovely aqua creme that is super pigmented. I was able to get full, even coverage with just 2 coats. Pastelish polishes sometimes give me fits, and I end up just wanting to chuck them out the window (I may or may not be referring to the other polish in this duo), but this one was perfect :)

Literary Lacquers Othello Duo - Desdemona's Handkerchief

If Thou Hast Eyes To See is labeled as a sea-green creme, but to me, it's a little electric and neon! I needed 3 coats for what's pictured, but it leveled well, and it looks great. It's such a pretty shade, but I did have some difficulty at first. Confession: My nails aren't always perfect. I do still have troubles sometimes with application, especially with pastel cremes. I tend to glob the first coat on, and then it all runs around my cuticles and just makes a mess. I wanted to throw this bottle out of the window. But I took a deep breath and tried again, and this is what I got!

Literary Lacquers Othello Duo - If Thou Hast Eyes To See

So what do you guys think? These cremes are gorgeous! This will be available in a big launch on July 25 - You can get these from Literary Lacquer's shop! Several other polishes will be released the same day! Everything I've shared this week will be available - Lestat and Louis, Long May She Reign and Sugar, Curiosity, and Rain and Oh Calamity!

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