My favorite nail polish collections of 2015

2015 was a year for collections. At least for me. I have 6 collections that I just really worked well together. As I was going through my 2015 posts, these collections stuck out, and I found myself picking more than one favorite!

What I loved:  The colors are just amazing. They go together and, I can't even really explain it... they just fit. The formulas are all pretty good, and I bet these would all 5 be great together in some sort of nail art.

What I loved: I love how they look! They are jellies, but thicker, which makes them look juicy! The colors are bright and cheerful, and just scream "I want candy!" at you :)

What I loved:  I love the bright colors, and how they do fit with a tie dye theme! They flow together, and make really great nail art, too!

What I Loved:  Again with the bright, fun shades! My favorite part, tho, is that the glitter toppers go with each and every one of the non-glitters!
China Glaze Electric Nights Swatches and Review

What I loved:  They look ceramic! My nails almost look breakable. But with that comes the smooth, fine China-like surface that these provide. The shades introduced with this collection are perfect for this finish.

Last but certainly not least... MY FAVORITE COLLECTION!
What I loved: I love everything about this collection. The theme, the shades, the holo, the theme. Yeah, I meant to say that twice. I couldn't choose even one favorite that stood out more than the others. This is definitely my 2015 Collection of the Year!
Ninja Polish Infinity Gems Swatches and Review

Is there a particular trend you think we might have in 2016? Any shades or collections you've seen previewed that you're looking forward to?

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